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Your Pets are in Good Hands

We believe that our employees should have a tangible stake in our company's success. We go to great lengths to guarantee that your dog is in the best possible care.

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Few Words About Poopet Company

Pet Grooming & Care Center

We've been setting new standards for pet-care facilities. Individual suites are offered in all Poopet locations, and they are spotless and climate controlled, with excellent food, bedding, and a broad variety of tailored activities and services. You can rest assured that your dog is in the best, most qualified hands in the industry with CarePress.

Care for your Pets

Pets Healthcare Tips

we go to great extents to guarantee that your dog is in the best possible hands. We devote individual attention and sensitive loving care to all of our Campers as if they are really our own.

Life time Medicine and Vaccine

Poopet gives lifetime Medicine and vaccines free for those who are taking Poopet services and make you proud.

Core level groom Service

Poopet grooming is now giving the core level service that are identical around the globe and also range of training programs
Few Words About Poopet Company

Pet Grooming & Care Center

We're a rare breed here at CarePress. We will adore and care for your dog as if it were our own. We understand that your dog is a furry member of your family who deserves the best treatment possible. You'll be giving your dog the most exciting day ever with our award-winning daycare, boarding, and food services!

Recent Question Answers

We’ll Take Care of your Pets Friends

  • When should I have my pet neutered or spayed?

    Before having your pet spayed or neutered, CarePress Center recommends waiting until he or she is at least 8 months old. To discuss exact details based on species, breed, and size, please contact us.
  • Is there a discount if I have more than one pet?

    For many pets staying in the same accommodation, we do provide a discount. Keep in mind that you get a point for every dollar you spend with us through our rewards program.
  • Is it okay if I bring my pet on a tour?

    Of course you can bring your pet for a tour. All pets allowed within the facility must have completed the registration process and have proof of vaccinations as well as a pre-entry exam.
  • What types of foods do you have on hand?

    Regular formula is fed to the dogs and cats in our care. CarePress is a high-quality food that comes in dry and canned forms, with the option of a conventional formula or a single source protein.

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